Drawing inspiration from the scenic features of this beautiful location, the Masterplan focuses on bringing the best of its natural landscape to create an idyllic sanctuary for family living.

Sanctuary Springs has been designed to encourage an active outdoor lifestyle with open green spaces, reserves and playground. A linear park will feature along the waterway that will emulate a natural creek system and provide an ecological corridor throughout Sanctuary Springs. A separate 1-hectare parkland with playground and extensive native planting also features. All parklands will be linked with a shared path network.

Sustainability measures are in place to reduce the footprint on the natural environment. All stormwater runoff from the development will be treated through a series of wetlands, firstly to remove sediments and reducing nutrient build-up, then to form a biological wetland system that allows removal of fine particles and pollutants. All homes will be required to have a rainfall runoff tank system installed to flush toilets and water gardens.

Liveability is at the hallmark of Sanctuary Springs with quality architecture, natural streetscapes, the advantage of established amenity and infrastructure close at hand, recreation, connection to coast along with the impressive natural backdrop of Lake Connawarre.